Hsien-De Huang (a.k.a TonTon) has over ten years of experience in artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition, natural language processing and speech processing, and cyber-security including Android malware detection, SIEM, SOC, TWAREN operations, and x86 malware analysis. Currently, he works as a senior technical architect in the financial holding company. He has presented multiple papers and patent applications at international cybersecurity conferences such as Defcon, OWASP AppSec USA, RuxCon in Australia, and HITCON in Taiwan, and has been invited to speak at universities and government agencies both domestically and abroad. Apart from work, he received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University (his thesis is "Deep learning-based anomaly analysis in cyber threats"). Additionally, he is the founder of Taiwan's earliest artificial intelligence meetup, Deep Learning 101 & Taiwan AI Group, dedicated to promoting communication and collaboration between the artificial intelligence and cyber-security.

黃 獻 德 (TonTon) 在圖像識別、自然語言、語音處理及落地應用至服務型機器人開發人工智慧和Android / x86 惡意程式偵測分析、SIEM、SOC防駭監控等網路攻防與威脅以及區塊鏈漏洞分析等研究和系統開發擁有十年以上經驗;現於金融業擔任資深技術架構師,負責協助集團各子公司開發整合人工智慧 (AI) / 深度學習 (Deep Learning) 應用。他曾在Defcon、OWASP AppSec USA、澳洲 RuxCon和台灣 HITCON等國際資安會議上發表多篇論文和專利申請,並多次受邀至海內外大學或政府單位演講。他畢業於國立成功大學資訊工程學系,其博士論文為「基於深度學習的網路威脅異常分析」;在攻讀博士時參與台法聯合團隊交流計畫至法國國家信息與自動化研究所及台灣與英國頂尖大學合作研究計畫至英國艾賽克斯大學訪問研究。此外,他也是台灣最早的人工智慧社團Deep Learning 101 Meetup & Taiwan AI Group的發起人,促進人工智慧及資訊安全行業交流。