Dr. Hsien-De Huang (a.k.a. TonTon) completed his Ph.D. working in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. His major research interests include Cyber-Security research & management, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Processing, Malware behavioral analysis (TWMAN, R2-D2, C-3PO), Type-2 Fuzzy Logic, and Ontology Applications. He has make several presentations at AI Village@Defcon 26, RuxCon 2017, OWASP AppSec USA 2017 and HITCON 2015 & 2014 and as a sponsor of Deep Learning 101 Meetup & Taiwan AI Group. He also was a Visiting Scholar in the 2012 NSC-INRIA International Program at INRIA, France and 2010 Initiative Research Cooperation among Top Universities between UK & Taiwan.

黃 獻 德 (痛痛) 於國立成功大學資訊工程學系取得博士學位,專長與研究興趣包括資訊安全技術研發、語音及自然語言處理、深度學習、惡意程式行為分析(TWMAN, R2-D2, C-3PO)及知識本體應用等整合落地,陸續在美國AI Village@Defcon 26、澳洲墨爾本 RuxCon 2017、美國OWASP AppSec USA 2017 和台灣駭客年會HITCON 2015 & 2014等國際研討會發表研究成果,並多次受邀至海內外大學或政府國安單位演講;另為積極促進台灣人工智慧技術交流與分享,自2016年組織發起 Deep Learning 101 Meetup臺灣人工智慧社團。 他過去陸續服務於台灣雪豹科技(合作開發服務型機器人、AI智能電話語音助理等語音及自然語言處理等演算法整合)、以色列商台灣威瑞特系統(Android資安技術開發)、安碁資訊(網路威脅與鑑識技術開發)及國家高速網路與計算中心(惡意程式分析技術開發與南部學術網路維運管理)。 在攻讀博士班時,參與科技部2012台法(NSC-INRIA)聯合團隊交流計畫 (Dr. Olivier Teytaud) 法國國家信息與自動化研究所及2010台灣與英國頂尖大學合作研究計畫(Prof. Hani Hagras)艾賽克斯大學;多次協辦與英法2國交流活動

Deep learning & Machine Learning and its applications to Cyber Security

  • With respect to Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing, I have landing the AI SOTA algorithm to improve the user experience of the service robots and intelligent voice assistant to cheetah mobile.

  • Including speech separation, enhancement, speaker recognition and speech recognition which improve the quality of voice, and integrate with name entity recognition, classification, similarity, correction and machine reading comprehension, which make the robots to understand human meaning of the text.

  • On the other hand, I have developed cyber threats analysis tools (TWMAN, R2-D2 and C-3PO) which based on vulnerability and malcious attack. Including malware detection, pop-ups recommendation, phone scams, and deceptive advertising to integrate with products (ArcSight, Clean Master and Security Master).

  • I also have gave the several presentations of peer review industry security conference, published academic papers, and submitted patents. At the same time, I also have custom training experience with national security department, government, finance company and universities.

  • Besides, in order to improve AI technology sharing for community, I am an organizer of Deep Learning 101 Meetup and Taiwan AI Group, here are some related news reports with my develop experence.

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