Deep learning & Machine Learning and its applications to Cyber Security

  • With respect to Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing, I have landing the AI SOTA algorithm to improve the user experience of the service robots and intelligent voice assistant to cheetah mobile.

  • Including speech separation, enhancement, speaker recognition and speech recognition which improve the quality of voice, and integrate with name entity recognition, classification, similarity, correction and machine reading comprehension, which make the robots to understand human meaning of the text.

  • On the other hand, I have developed cyber threats analysis tools (TWMAN, R2-D2 and C-3PO) which based on vulnerability and malcious attack. Including malware detection, pop-ups recommendation, phone scams, and deceptive advertising to integrate with products (ArcSight, Clean Master and Security Master).

  • I also have gave the several presentations of peer review industry security conference, published academic papers, and submitted patents. At the same time, I also have custom training experience with national security department, government, finance company and universities.

  • Besides, in order to improve AI technology sharing for community, I am an organizer of Deep Learning 101 Meetup and Taiwan AI Group, here are some related news reports with my develop experence.

    • Defending Taiwan, Fighting the Pandemic with Technology (link)

    • NVIDIA Developer: AI Improves the Frequency and Quality of Mobile App Notifications (link)

    • Career: Machine Learning Expert (link)

2015/12-2021/03, Senior Technical Expert and Team Lead (Security and AI), Leopard Mobile, Taipei, Taiwan

2014/07-2015/12, Senior Security Engineer,Verint Systems (Taiwan), Taipei, Taiwan

2014/01-2014/07, Senior Security Engineer, Acer Cyber Security, Taipei, Taiwan

2008/11-2011/09, Assistant Researcher, National Center for High-Performance Computing, Tainan, Taiwan

博士 (Ph.D.) 2010/09-2019/01

國立成功大學 資訊工程系

碩士 (M.S.) 2006/09-2008/06

國立臺南大學 數位學習科技系

學士 (B.S.) 2002/09-2006/06

立德大學 資訊工程系

2013/09~2013/09:2012 台法(NSC-INRIA)聯合團隊人員交流計畫

2011/10 ~ 2012/05:2010 台灣與英國頂尖大學前期合作研究計畫 (週遊列校_No.10-英國艾賽克斯大學)

Visiting Scholar, University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Prof. Hani Hagras

Funding support "Type-2 Fuzzy Ontology Model and Its Applications" under the framework of the 2010 Initiative Research Cooperation among Top Universities between UK and Taiwan from Taiwan National Science Council (NSC)

National University of Tainan, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering,

Prof. Chang-Shing Lee, Ontology Applications & Software Engineering Laboratory ( OASE Lab.)

  1. 2013/1018:拜訪駐英國台北代表處科技組

  2. 2013/10/14:拜訪 Imperial College London

  3. 2013/10/12:拜訪新加坡國立大學計算機學系

  4. 2013/09/09:2013 台法(NSC-INRIA)聯合團隊人員交流計畫 II: (I)、(II)、(III)、(IV)

  5. 2013/06/24:南臺灣國際產學研發教育聯盟交流論壇暨平台啟用儀式:(I)、(II)、(III)、(IV)、(V)

  6. 2013/03/11:2013 Taiwanese-French Research Collaboration on Energy Management

  7. 2013/01/21:2013聽覺障礙教育暨校園性平工作坊

  8. 2012/12/14:國科會102年度專題研究計畫申請經驗分享 暨 產學小聯盟意見溝通座談會

  9. 2012/11/26:臺灣魔圍棋邀請賽@黑嘉嘉、周平強 vs 臺灣魔圍棋

  10. 2012/11/26:國立臺南大學 114週年校慶活動-師生研發成果發表會暨年終記者會

  11. 2012/11/19:國立臺南大學姐妹校英國艾塞克斯大學提供學術交流獎學金

  12. 2012/11/17:Human vs. Computer Go Competition @ TAAI 2012

  13. 2012/11/01:國立臺南大學與臺南市立歸仁國民中學專業發展合作簽約儀式

  14. 2012/11/01:國立臺南大學與臺鹽實業股份有限公司產學合作簽約儀式

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  16. 2012/07/06:2012南大數位營Google台灣演講

  17. 2012/06/12:Human vs. Computer Go Competition @ IEEE WCCI 2012

  18. 2012/06/08:Acer eDC 資安維運處 處長 至南大數位演講

  19. 2012/05/30:南科產學協會 - 半導體推廣委員會 - 101年度半導體產學論壇

  20. 2012/05/27:雲端奕趣 - 臺灣魔圍棋邀請賽

  21. 2012/05/25:Google台灣 副總 至南大數位系演講

  22. 2012/05/16:2012 French-Taiwanese Workshop on Energy Management

  23. 2012/04/26:南臺灣國立大學研發策略聯盟拜訪駐英國台北代表處

  24. 2012/04/25:南臺灣國立大學研發策略聯盟拜訪 Imperial College London

  25. 2012/04/23:2012 Research Collaboration Workshop for Top UK-TW Universities

  26. 2012/03/01:南臺灣國立大學研發策略聯盟 參訪 Google臺灣暨Google+ Hangouts 平台啟用儀式

  27. 2012/02/03:拜訪 Google UK

  28. 2012/01/12:拜訪 Google 臺灣

  29. 2011/06/27:FUZZ-IEEE 2011_全球電腦圍棋爭霸賽@TCGA

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  31. 2011/04/14:IEEE SSCI 2011-Computer Go Competition

  32. 2010/11/23:台法國合計畫-整合知識本體於蒙地卡羅樹搜尋與其應用: 2010 臺灣魔圍棋圍棋棋士邀請賽

  33. 2010/07/20:Human vs. Computer Go Competition at WCCI 2010

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  36. 2009/10/30:TAAI2009-第十四屆人工智慧與應用研討會-電腦圍棋錦標賽-朝陽科技大學

  37. 2009/10/26:全球電腦圍棋賽成果暨臺灣魔圍棋(MoGo-TW)團隊成立記者會

2002 ~ 2006:立德大學 資訊工程學系 (週遊列校_No.07-立德大學)

B.S., Leader University, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

2001 ~ 2002:嘉南藥理科技大學 進修部 工業安全與衛生學系 (週遊列校_No.06-嘉南藥理科技大學)

Chia Nan University, The School of Continuing Education, Department Pharmacy & Science

1999 ~ 2000:力行升大學 保證班 (週遊列校_No.04-力行重考班)

1999 ~ 1999:高雄市私立復華中學 (週遊列校_No.03-復華中學)

Kaohsiung Private Fu-Hwa High School

National Kangshan Senior High School

Kaohsiung Municipal Tsoying Senior High School