Logo Desinger: Temaki Wen-Lin Kuo
The hidden meaning of the MiT logo is as follows:
  • The island of Taiwan shape of the MiT logo which formerly known as Formosa, and located in the East Asia, it's named Republic of China (R. O. C.).
    (Reference from Wikipedia)

  • The Formosa shape of the MiT logo could be imaged the triangular fuzzy sets for the fuzzy variable, and it also could be imaged the interval type-2 fuzzy sets with many membership functions inside.
    (Reference from Prof. Jerry M. Mendel)

  • The hat shape of the MiT logo could be imaged the Taiwan led the ranking of most affected countries for the third time ever (42.88 percent of infected PCs), followed by China (51.94 percent), whose infection rates not exceeded 50 percent on East-South Asia.
    (Reference from Phishing Attack Trends Report which from 2Q 2012 Anti-Phishing Working Group - Released September 12, 2012)

  • The green color of the MiT logo represents the green Taiwan and environmental protection.

  • The MiT logo was illustrated by Temaki Kuo, Thanks for her patience and great help.