Deep Learning 101 AI Services/Demo
BiLSTM+CNN | Sentiment Analysis (Chi)
Abstractive Summarization (Chi)
Machine Reading Comprehension (Chi)
Automatic Speech Recognition (Hokkien-Taiwanese)

TonTon H.-D. Huang, C.-M. Yu, "Poster: Adaptive Data-Driven and Region-Aware Detection for Deceptive Advertising", IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2016, San Jose, CA, May 23-25, 2016.

TonTon H.-D. Huang, C.-M. Yu, and H.-Y. Kao, "Data-Driven and Deep Learning Methodology for Deceptive Advertising and Phone Scams Detection", 2017 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI 2017), Taipei, Taiwan, Dec. 1-3, 2017.

This research project has been presented at HadoopCon 2016 and published on