Hsien-De Huang ( TonTon )

黃獻德 (痛痛),目前任職於台灣雪豹科技,同時也是 國立成功大學資訊工程學系(IKM Lab高宏宇教授) 博士班,專注於計算智慧與安全研究的系統設計開發及維運,主要研究興趣包含 深度/機器學習、Android逆向工程分析、惡意程式行為分析、第二型模糊邏輯以及知識本體應用;他在 2008年取得國立臺南大學 (OASE Lab李健興教授) 數位學習科技學系的碩士學位,在2010年及2012年分別是臺灣與英國的頂尖大學合作計畫以及台灣與法國INRIA的雙邊交流合作計畫的訪問博士生。過去曾服務於台灣威瑞特系統宏碁電子化資訊管理中心以及國家高速網路與計算中心並陸續在業界: RuxCon 2017, OWASP AppSec USA 2017, HadoopCon 2016, 2016 CSA Taiwan Summit, Hackers in Taiwan Conference (HITCON) 2015 & 2014Workshop on Understanding Botnets of Taiwan 2014 (BoT 2014)學術界IEEE WCCI 2010,  FUZZ-IEEE 2011, IEEE SSCI 2011, IEEE SMC 2012 & 2013 等國際研討會發表其資安技術研究


Hsien-De Huang (a.k.a. TonTon) is working for Leopard Mobile Inc. (Cheetah Mobile Taiwan Agency, NYSE: CMCM). His current major research interests include Deep Learning, Malware Analysis, Android Reverse Engineering, Type-2 Fuzzy Logic, and Ontology Applications. He will present his latest research at OWASP AppSec USA 2017, RuxCon 2017 and also was a speaker at HadoopCon 20162016 CSA Taiwan Summit, Hackers in Taiwan Conference (HITCON) 2015 & 2014,  Workshop on Understanding Botnets of Taiwan 2014 (BoT 2014) and IEEE WCCI 2010,  FUZZ-IEEE 2011, IEEE SSCI 2011, IEEE SMC 2012 & 2013. In the past few years, he was a Software Developer at Verint Systems (Taiwan), Senior Security Engineer at Acer e-Enabling Data Center(Acer eDC) and Project Assistant Researcher at the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC).

He also is a Ph. D. candidate  (IKM Lab.Advisor: Prof. Hung-Yu Kao) in the Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. He received his M.S. degree  (OASE Lab.Advisor: Prof. Chang-Shing Lee) from the Dept. Information and Learning Technology , National University of Tainan, Taiwan. He also was a visiting Ph. D student in the UK for research project “2010 Initiative Research Cooperation among Top Universities between UK  and Taiwan" at University of Essex, UK and in the research project “2012 NSC-INRIA International Program - Associate Team (II)” at INRIA Saclay, France.

不拼命的時候,做研究沒意思;不做研究的時候,那就更沒意思了 !

I love my Job. Because my main research is Computer Science and my job is Computer Science research. 
我的興趣是研究 Computer Science ! 我的工作是 Computer Science 研究 ! 所以我不是在工作 ~ 而是在做興趣 !!

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Don't be a evil. 

Hope for the best; plan for the worst.

Do what you love, love what you do !!! Time and patience, patience and time